Help with Research – Coriell Institute for Medical Research Is Seeking SMA Blood Sample Donations

The Coriell Institute for Medical Research is a not-for-profit research organization “dedicated to understanding human genetic diseases and providing the highest quality genetic resources”. Coriell houses the world’s largest biorepository of cell cultures and offers medical researchers from around the world access to these patient cell lines for study of disease genes, use in screening of new disease therapeutics, and development of new assays and genetic tests. With funding from the NIH, Coriell is now seeking donations of blood samples from patients with SMA and will cover the cost of shipping to their biorepository after the sample is obtained by the patient’s physician. If you or a family member has SMA, and you would like to learn more about donating a blood sample, please click here to view the Coriell Institute brochure or contact Tara Schmidlen at [email protected] or 856-757-4822. For more information on the Coriell Institute, please visit