NY State Dept. of Health Announces Genetic Diseases of Children Conference – March 8-9, 2011 in NYC

The New York State Department of Health Announces Genetic Diseases of Children…Advancing Research & Care Conference to be held on March 8-9, 2011 at the Sheraton New York Towers & Hotel in New York City.

This is a national conference focused on creating opportunities to advance research and improve the delivery of health care for children living with genetic disorders. The goal of the conference is to develop recommendations for establishing a comprehensive state-based model that will effectively: facilitate early diagnosis, improve access and quality of care, optimize the coordination of provider services, and foster high impact clinical research to expedite improved medical treatments.

This conference will bring attention to the unique healthcare challenges faced by children living with genetic disease and provide an exceptional opportunity for in-depth discussion and debate of key issues. More than 800 researchers, clinicians, health advocates, federal and state government and industry leaders are expected to attend.

The agenda is presented through five themes:

  • Reaching an Early Diagnosis;
  • Sharing Family Experiences;
  • Optimizing Care and Coordination of Services;
  • Meeting Children’s Needs; and
  • Accelerating Research

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NYS Department of Health
Wadsworth Center
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