SMA News Today publishes a series of articles on Evrysdi discovery and development

In August, SMA News Today published a series of articles on the discovery and development of Evrysdi, the first and only oral medicine for SMA approved by the FDA. The articles cover a range of topics including the role of the SMA Foundation in drug development, the experiences of patients taking Evrysdi, and the future of SMA therapeutics. Please see below for links to the articles.

SMA Foundation’s ‘Little Toolbox’ Helped Pave Way to Therapies

Evrysdi Has Parents ‘Totally Optimistic’ for Future of Boy With SMA Type 2

Expertise in RNA Biology at Core of PTC’s Formative Work With Evrysdi

SMA Debate: Might Systemic Treatment Be Best?

With Evrysdi, ‘Everyday Is Good,’ Says 61-year-old With SMA Type 3

Muscle and Combo Therapies Likely Next Focus for SMA, Experts Say